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Freelance business support

Need an extra pair of eyes? Publishing deadline looming?

Outsource your editorial work

Freelance editorial support is a perfect solution for small businesses, startups, larger organisations, freelance journalists, authors, and publishers. Freelancealot's services include:

  • Proofreading corporate material, articles, books (fiction and non-fiction), web content, biographies, memoirs;
  • Copy-editing and sub-editing;
  • Formatting text and layout to house styles;
  • Typing and proofing of manuscripts;
  • Commissioning artwork or sourcing stock images;
  • Research and fact checking.

Editorial Assistance

Hire Freelancealot as your virtual editorial assistant—or virtual author's assistant—to provide all-round support for your publishing project. This includes project management, copy-editing, document preparation, proofreading, handling email enquiries, research, picture sourcing, etc. If required Freelancealot can transcribe your manuscript from a voice recording or copy type from scanned handwriting.

We're not squeamish; we handle most subjects and cater to a wide range of sectors, such as science/technology, financial/economics, healthcare/wellness, energy/environment, legal, politics, retail/manufacturing, history, and the arts.

Freelance Proofreading

Checking for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, as well as assessing overall sense and clarity, adherence to a specified style, and ensuring consistency of formatting. Please note that proofreading does not entail rewriting or subject matter verification.

We accept most file formats including print-ready PDF proofs for publishers.

Freelance Copy-editing

Reviewing a manuscript for spelling, grammar, completeness, and consistency of style and format (in text, tables, bibliographies, footnotes, etc.). Includes verifying the accuracy of in-text cross references to illustrations, captions, chapters and notes, citations to the reference list, etc.

Assessing a manuscript's content. Highlighting obscure, incoherent, misleading or ambiguous sentences; non sequiturs in factual passages; unintentional mixed metaphors; contradiction and illogicality in the argument or plot; etc. Copy-editing does not include extensive rewriting. Should your manuscript require extensive editing we do offer a substantive editing service.

Press Releases

Many small businesses and startups launch their website with a fizzle rather than a bang. As soon as a new website is published a press release should be issued to local newspapers, trade magazines, and online press-release distribution services. The same goes for a self-publishing author when their new book hits the shelves.

When this time comes Freelancealot can help you write an engaging press release.

For those who would prefer to have a go at writing their own press release, the advice in 'How to write the perfect press release for journalists' is a good place to start.

Guideline Rates

  • Proofreading starting at £24 per hour
  • Copy-editing starting at £28 per hour (or agreed per-word rate)
  • Substantive editing starting at £30 per hour
  • Project management starting at £35 per hour
  • Research, fact checking, interview scheduling, C-suite interviewing for white papers, reports, etc. (priced per project)

The rates listed above are posted here as a guideline only, please contact us with your specific requirements.

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Further Details

We work with both British and American English.

We defer to the Oxford Concise Dictionary and New Hart's Rules, the Handbook of Style for Writers and Editors. Other reference points include but not limited to: